• Josh Schiffer

March 1, 2020

Hi everyone, Over the last few days, I have received multiple inquiries from friends and family in regard to the evolving COVID-19 story. I really appreciate those who have reached out and hope that I have been able to impart useful information. The projections for this epidemic are quite sobering and I believe that the upcoming months will be extremely challenging, particularly for those on the front lines and for those whose loved ones develop severe illness. Compounding the problem is an enormous amount of misinformation and sensationalism on the internet. To get the most informed and up to date information, I have been following a number of people on twitter (a new step for me… I am even pondering an account of my own). A couple of these people are colleagues. Most are scientific journalists, academics or officials whose careers I have admired from afar. In each case, they are providing clear-headed and thoughtful analysis of different critical components of the pandemic. They all communicate in language that is accessible to an educated non-scientific audience. If you have an interest, here is my daily menu at the moment, in no particular order. Feel free to pass this list along to others who may be interested:

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