• Josh Schiffer

March 2, 2020

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

I really appreciate the positive feedback regarding my COVID-19 post yesterday. I briefly considered writing a summary of all aspects of the pandemic or starting a blog as a couple of people suggested. However, I also need to write grants and papers (some on respiratory viruses but mostly on HIV and herpes viruses), see patients, and maintain a work life balance that is an envy to all. Instead, I’ll try to periodically post relevant articles or videos. I will select these articles because I think that at some level, they catch interesting and important fundamental truths about the pandemic. Selected articles are not always completely reflective of my opinion or certainly that of my employer. If the articles are science, in many cases they will not have been peer reviewed as there is a rush to get data to the public. If articles employ mathematical models which try to project the future, I will emphasize that the predictions of these models may turn out to be wrong. However, in my view the selected models provide useful information for understanding how we might contain or slow the progression of the pandemic. I am also happy to answer any questions people may have. Too often my answer will be “I do not know.” However, this is the reality of this rather surreal moment in history. Today’s good reads:







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